About me

Phil Roberts

My own story is quite simple,  At first, I was NOT going to put this into my webpage, however, in light of my need to explain to models my background, it seemed most logical to put this here.  So, in a nutshell, my interest in Photography began at an early age; I believe around 9 or so.  During this time, I took my mother's camera (a Kodak Brownie 127 roll film camera) and began to shoot pictures of anything and everything I was seeing...I even wanted to photograph the occasional Tornado that came around in the Midwestern town I lived in...but, being too young, and all, there was NO WAY I could've done it back then.  Later on in life, as a Combat photographer in the Air Force, (Vietnam Veteran, thank you), I was introduced to a level of working photography that I could have never learned in any School---we had to photograph EVERYTHING, no matter what the subject was.  You name it, we photographed it. This gave me levels of instruction on various photography doctrines which I will never forget; not the least of which was Studio photography.  I studied hard for this type of photography especially, since it taught me lighting, posing the subject, balance, and how to work with people to achieve the level of photography that was required of me back then.  The more I learned, the more I knew that I didn't know enough.....so, I studied the Masters---Rembrandt, Scuvallo, Adams, you name it--if it was an artist or photographer, I studied their style (ask me to regale you  with the story about meeting Ansel Adams at Yosemite sometime) to the point where my photography was considered by most to be damn good!!  After I left the military, I started to open up my own photo studio in San Francisco, and was a burgeoning success; that is, until I was sent to do a job for a certain Electric Company in San Francisco to Sacramento for the opening of a data center......and was subsequently taken off of the Temp job by the aforementioned company and left in Sacramento.....zoom up to today (2019), and I am working on Photographic Art; concentrating on Alternative Model Imagery and Art. (Note here---I'll have to take a better picture of myself than this one; these days, I look like a cross between Yoda and Papa Smurf--but I don't think that I really take good photographs of myself--most photographers don't.). PS--I may not look happy in the photo, but I REALLY am a happy person! I just don't smile in photographs.........