To the viewer:

This website is designed to showcase my photography and is representative of my work as of this date. Please be advised that there IS NUDITY, and do NOT open up this website at work, if it is against the law in the state that you reside in, or IF you are UNDER 18.

At the present time, I work on 3 separate projects, but decided to showcase them all in 2 areas; one is my portfolio, which I have entitled "Imagery", and the other is for the SEAF--Seattle Erotic Art Fair, as well as for other venues in which my photography would be appreciated in an artistic manner. IF you have any questions regarding my work, please contact me thru the last page of the website.

IF nudity bothers you because of your own beliefs, or IF you are under 18,  then please click on the button below to leave:

However, if you would like to see my work, then just click here: