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I REALLY do not know what to do about getting funded to have my work shown in the Art galleries; from what I understand, I must have prints done of my work, to show in a portfolio, present it to people over at the galleries, and THEN perhaps they'd be interested---it's not good enough to simply have a website; nor is it good enough to simply show up without your material (of course, that would be simply ignorant!!!). So, how does one get funding to help them in their quest to have your work shown in galleries??

One method: Patreon.

Evidently, you can setup a Patreon website, announce your interest in being funded, and hopefully, people will be interested enough in you to become a PATREON of your artwork......that is, IF they are interested in your art. I don't know if this will work or not, but I must at least try. Somehow, I will have my work in the Galleries, and ultimately, shown in two of them: The Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento, and the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. Also, there's the SEAF (Seattle Erotic Art Festival), San Francisco's Folsom St. Fair (the Erotic Art Festival portion), to name a few....there are a LOT of places where this artwork will get shown, but that's in the future---right now, I'm in the beginning of creating what I consider my own level of Art. If you're interested in becoming a patreon of this photographer, then go to this website by clicking on the word "Patreon" above, or the button below---I'm looking forward to meeting and thanking those who'd be interested. And, in the meantime, I thank you anyway for even considering it!

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