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The reason for this webste is simple---I'm quite tired of some photographers (a large enough number of them) who, on discovering that a model has "Ink", has them cover the tattoo up, in order to have them pose in their photographs!!! It is my own belief that IF a model wishes to have ink, that the photographer SHOULD be able to create a photograph of her that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also, to the public at large. One must understand that if one calls themselves a photographer, one must be able to image a person NO MATTER WHAT she decides to do with her OWN body, INCLUSIVE of tattoos!!! Shooting images of models should NOT preclude that the photographer dictate how she should be seen.

My own thoughts on Alternative Model/Nude Photography

This website is my own attempt at showcasing Alternative modeling, but also, Art Nude photography---in my opinion, two of the most difficult photographic subjects to work with!! At the time of this writing, I am quite ignorant of how the Art community will see my work, and am quite nervous about how my photographs will be taken by BOTH artists and models.

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